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About the modern system Alborz

By providing technical and engineering services based on goals such as self-belief, innovation and scientific advancement, Alborz System Modern Electrical and Electronic Engineering Company has tried to best respond to the needs of the industrial society of our beloved Iran. It is announced below: providing consulting, design, calculation and turnkey project implementation services in the fields of electricity, industrial automation, monitoring and precision instruments for the production of electronic and electrotechnical equipment for use in various industries in the design of microcontroller boards such as AVR and PLC along with industrial computers, designing temperature, pressure and humidity controllers with the ability to accept multiple input channels with the ability to control from home or workplace, converting old systems into new industrial automation systems, providing and training industrial automation software, providing various hardware and software solutions Regarding industrial projects based on control systems Programmable implementation of control and monitoring structures as LOCAL or REMOTE as PC BASE by monitoring software, provision of consulting services, design, calculation and implementation of beverage industries and refrigeration systems, supply of equipment required by factories in the fields of electricity, industrial automation, monitoring and precise supply tools All laboratory equipment and analyzers needed by factories, laboratories and refineries, without a doubt, providing all the above services in the form of a company and with high responsibility, will reduce costs and prevent waste of project implementation time, and will also positively affect the final quality. 44152354_011 Call

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